Veil Keepsake Box


Veil Keepsake Storage box

Storing your Wedding Veil and Accessories
We are now stocking a beautiful range of veil Keepsake boxes, handmade boxes.

You can purchase direct from our site a keepsake box for
your wedding veil, headdress, fascinator, and shoes.

25 x 35 x 9 cm (deep)
A smaller box suitable for your folded veil.
Product Colour Endsleigh Ivory

Delivery on this item can be 1-3 weeks as each box is handmade. Your delivery date will be confirmed once your order has been placed

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Veil Keepsake Storage box

Veil Keepsake Box

The Perfect way to Store your beautiful Wedding Veil for years to come. This box is so  beautiful that it does not need to be hidden in your loft or under the bed.

We are now stocking a beautiful range of boxes handmade in England to veil your gorgeous veil for years to come.

You can purchase direct from our site a keepsake box for your wedding veil, headdress, fascinator, and shoes.


Prevent Your Veil  From Yellowing

The Wedding Dress Accessory Boxes are made from unique specially milled board that is pH neutral to prevent your dress from yellowing, discolouring or spotting. The boxes are also so sturdy they have protected dresses from fire and flood damage.

Acid Free Tissue Paper

The Wedding Veil Accessory Boxes, with the acid-free tissue, will provide a unique pH neutral environment to prevent this happening.

The Wedding Dress Accessory Box protects from light and dust which can fade or mark the dress. Its strong durable board and paper can provide excellent protection against any untoward accident, such as fire or flood.

Because The Wedding Veil  Accessory Box is the most beautiful and romantic way that you will find to preserve your wedding attire, there is no longer a need to store in the attic. Your Accessory Box can be kept as a beautiful feature in the bedroom, keeping your dress in a more stable temperature and reliable environment.

Hand Finished Details

Your box is hand finished with ribbon and lace, and filled with acid free tissue paper. It is ready to receive, and protect your wedding veil or special items.

Visit our Blog post to learn more about how to store your wedding veil after the ‘Big  Day’


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