Wedding Veil Designer

Exquisite and impeccable wedding veil designs, here your wedding veil dreams become a reality.

Wedding veil designer, Rebekah, in the Visionary Veils studio.
Wedding Veil Designer

Introducing Rebekah

Becoming a Wedding Veil Designer

As a  young I girl I  was fascinated by the world of bridal design. Like a moth to the flame, the joy and happiness has always captivated me. Little did I know then that I would become a wedding veil designer.

It was only when searching for my own wedding that I realised how hard it was to find the perfect wedding veil. I love classic and luxurious design and when I was planning my own wedding I realised that it was impossible to find the stunning wedding veil I had imagined.

With many years of sewing experience I decided to create my own wedding cloak inspired by the iconic images of Grace Kelly and Queen Elizabeth. Encouraged by the response to my work I turned my vision into a reality, my business Visionary Veils.

Why I love being a Wedding Veil Designer !

My passion as a wedding veil designer is to create the perfect wedding veil design for each of my brides. I love to provide enjoyable and relaxed personal veil appointments for each of my Brides, giving them time and space to explore the design process.

As a wedding veil designer I believe that the process of choosing a wedding veil should be given as much time, care and consideration as a wedding dress. I want my brides to feel amazing and confident in their wedding ensemble. I want them to feel that both their dress and veil are truly representative of their own unique and personal style.

I thrive on taking time to collaborate with my Brides, to tease out of them their hopes and dreams and create a vision for their wedding veil. My mission as a wedding veil designer is to create a wedding veil that captivates their style and personality and makes them feel amazing on their wedding day.

I want my Brides to have a fun, relaxed and memorable experience when they work with me. Communication and collaboration are key for me to understand what is truly important to my Brides.

Expertise of a wedding veil designer

With extensive experience as a wedding veil designer, I help my Brides by saving them time from searching online for a wedding veil that nearly matches their vision. Instead I guide them through the process of choosing their perfect wedding veil by presenting the options and information about each veil shape and style.  I will present suggestions and encourage you to make choices that will embrace your unique brilliance and personality.


My perfectionism and attention to detail ensures that every piece is made to the highest level of  craftsmanship. Each piece is lovingly crafted and sewn by hand, giving me tremendous freedom to design and sew using lots of fabrics and textures.


I am so honoured that my wedding veils have been worn by Brides the world over. It gives me such a great sense of pride as a wedding veil designer to know that a wedding veil that I have lovingly designed and sewn by hand has created a family heirloom that will be worn for generations to come.

For wedding veil inspiration and to see the work I have created for Real Brides , visit my Brides Gallery to see my exquisite work.

Visionary Veils Designer



Celebrating our 10th year in business Visionary Veils continues to flourish.  Based in my  gorgeous veil  studio in Belfast, Northern Ireland, I  create wedding veils for Brides all over the world.

A Unique Service
Wedding Veil Designer, Rebekah during her bespoke veil styling appointment
Wedding Veil Designer

I offer a truly unique service to our brides.  Every bride enjoys a personal veil styling appointment and a bespoke made to measure wedding veil – together with a creative experience that allows you to collaborate in your wedding veil design.

Every commission is hand cut and hand sewn in our studio with meticulous attention to detail and precision.

Working with the finest fabrics and embellishments from all over the world, I offer a wide range of tulles and laces to create your dream wedding veil. From the simple to the elaborate I will create the veil of your dreams.

Wedding veil designer, pining a wedding veil design


Visionary Veils has been featured regularly in leading bridal magazines and blogs including:

 Bridal Magazine – Perfect Wedding, Northern Ireland Wedding Journal, Getting Married in Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland Wedding Belle, Inspire Weddings

Laha Fashion Magazine, 

Blogs – The, Love My Dress, One Fab Day,, Wedding Journal.