Unsentimental Wedding blog, June 2012  

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Stylist’s celebrity editor Debbie McQuoid married Alex in Northern Ireland in October last year and is still the most low maintenance bride I have ever met!

Stylist’s celebrity editor Debbie McQuoid and her husband Alex

Debbie Cap Veil 1


I couldn’t find what I wanted (a 30s cap-style veil) and eventually found Rebekah at Visionary Veils – again in Holywood, Northern Ireland (even though I had searched in London – she does shipping too). She did an amazing job and I loved it. It was unique to me and might just be my favourite part of the outfit. Although, and this is one regret, I styled my hair in a vintage way too and I really think it was overkill. I look back and see someone from that crap sitcom Goodnight Sweetheart. I wish I’d gone softer like I was in the evening…


This was where I went a bit mental and spent a fortune. But I figured it’s my own money and it was separate from our budget so I could really go for it. It’s called Kristene from Claire Pettibone. I loved the vintage lace on it and it suited my figure in a subtle way. I nearly cried when I first started looking and every bridal shop took one look at my bust and tried to get me into a strapless, Jordan-esque gown. ‘Make the most of your assets, dear’. Arghhhhh!!!!


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