The Wedding Veil Story of Two Sisters – Mairead and Una

The Wedding Veil Story of Two Sisters – Mairead and Una

It was Rebekah’s pleasure to work with two very gorgeous sisters on two very beautiful designs. It is always a pleasure when you receive an email to organise a new appointment for a family who one has already worked with. It was a great pleasure to create two very different wedding veils for two beautiful sisters, Mairead and Una.

Mairead’s Wedding  Veil – the Star attraction.

The creation of Mairead’s wedding veil design was one of our most ornate veils designs to date. There were many, many hours involved in the hand cutting and hand sewing of this masterpiece, as each piece was lovingly hand made in the Visionary Veils Studio.

The process for this piece began with a photo of an antique wedding veil. Mairead had fallen in love with this photograph and wanted to create a wedding veil that would take centre stage alongside the clean and classic lines of her designer wedding dress. Her gorgeous gown was designed by Belfast based designer Una Rodden.  Rebekah’s sketches formed the initial basis of the piece but as the dress design continued to evolve, so did Mairead’s veil. With an increase in the length of the dress, the veil length  became longer and the central design more elaborate. The central design grew in detail and scale to create the dramatic impact of the client’s vision. A truly unique wedding veil of dramatic proportions!


Elaborate creations like Mairead’s wedding veil may require 4 – 6 appointments during the design process.

You can see from Mairead’s stunning wedding photos that her beautiful wedding dress and ornate wedding veil truly complement each other. The simple classic lines of her wedding dress give space for the ornate detail of Mairead’s wedding veil.

The Vintage Styling of Una’s Wedding Veil

 It was a delight when Una contacted Rebekah of Visionary Veils to share the exciting news of her engagement. It was even more exciting when she asked if we would be able to create her wedding veil. Una chose a gorgeous tea length, vintage inspired wedding dress, with a gorgeous skirt and lace bodice detail.

During Una’s appointments we looked at our range of vintage inspired wedding veils shapes. We decided that a simple design on the cap of the vintage veil would provide the focus for her veil. We experimented with lace overlays to complement the bodice of the wedding gown before selecting an ornate diamante motif.

Rebekah  strengthened and shaped the motif to create a structured headpiece that could be worn later in the evening, allowing Una to remove her veil and to wear the headpiece separately.

A simple two layer, waist length veil in soft ivory nylon tulle was created. The cut edges of the wedding veil kept all the focus on the waistband of Una’s gorgeous dress and on the vintage cap of her headpiece.

Two very special sisters and very special brides. Thank you for sharing your Wedding Day.




Finalist of Bridal Accessory Designer of the Year 2018

Finalist of Bridal Accessory Designer of the Year 2018

Visionary Veils are delighted to become a Wedding Journal  Reader Award Finalist  Bridal Accessory Designer of the year 2018! Thank you to everyone who showed their support and voted for our company. It was a great night and a great honour to have our work on your beautiful wedding veils recognised. Each veil is lovely hand cut and hand sewn here in our Belfast Studio. For the full listing of winners and finalists from this years awards 

The Ultimate Bridal Guide to Veil Shopping

Visionary Veils shares some helpful tips on getting the perfect veil for you

Rachel, August 2011, NI photographed by Bradley Quinn

So you have your wedding dress and you’re considering a veil but you don’t know where to start or which style you should choose based on your wedding dress? We’ve got you covered!

Visionary Veils share their expert advice and helpful hints to help you start the decision process and answer all your veil related questions. Before you start searching for your perfect veil, it is important to consider your vision for your big day and how you imagine your bridal look to be. First of all it’s important to ask:

Would you like to wear your wedding veil over your face?

This answer has an immediate impact on the style of veil you should go for. If the answer is yes, the veil is worn over the face until the bride reaches the top of the aisle. It is always helpful to try on a wedding veil with a blusher (the section that can be worn over the face or that forms part of the oval shape of the veil), to see how you feel when your face is covered. Rebekah at Visionary Veils says “You can have a front blusher with or without an edging and it can also be made detachable. Some of our clients have detached the blusher layer from the longer veil and worn the blusher for the rest of the day. A great way to keep a veil on all day!” To read the full article click here

A Rustic & Stylish Outdoor Shoot at Breckenhill

A Rustic & Stylish Outdoor Shoot at Breckenhill

Does the sound of fresh foliage, rustic charm and boho glamour sound like wedding heaven to you? If so- be inspired by this stunning creative shoot at Brekenhill in Ballyclare, Northern Ireland.

Breckenhill provided the perfect canvas for these creative wedding suppliers to showcase their skills in such beautiful surroundings. The talented group of creatives involved in this editorial shoot brought their skills together to create stunning images that prove that there’s no reason your wedding can’t look as beautiful as the features you see in magazine and online, even in Northern Ireland weather! Click on the full link to see the full collaborative photoshoot.

Vote for Us, Ireland’s Wedding Journal Reader Awards, 2018

Our Big News – Nomination, Wedding Accessory Designer of the Year 2018 in Ireland’s Wedding Journal Reader Awards 2018.

To all our beautiful brides past and present and to all who know our work, we need your support.

So this week I have been slightly under ground finishing our largest veil commission of the year. I have resurfaced to discover we are nominated in the Wedding Accessory Designer of the Year 2018 in Irelands Wedding Journal Reader Awards.

It is tremendously exciting and we would love your vote. You can only vote once for one provider in each category and we are up against very talented competition. If you know our work at Visionary Veils then please give us your vote. Votes close on Friday 25th May. Your vote will help to progress Visionary Veils from nomination to finalist.

Next year we will celebrate our 10 year in business. Each veil, bolero or headpiece is hand cut and handsewn with love. In that time we have handmade pieces for over 800 clients. Help us celebrate our business by voting by using this link.

Royal Wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

The Royal Wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, 19th May 2018.

The sun shone on Windsor today and on the beautiful bride and groom Prince Harry and Ms Meghan Markle. What an amazing day for this wonderful couple as they begin their married life together. The whole world waited with baited breathe to see the wedding dress and what a stunning pure white , boat neck gown it was. Designed by British designer, Clare Waight Keller, the artistic director of French fashion house Givenchy.

The veil

Visionary Veils we were bursting with excitement to see if Meghan would wear a wedding veil and we were overjoyed to see that she did. And what a Veil!  Ms Markle wore a five metre-long white firm silk veil. Her firm silk veil was a different composition to the soft silk wedding veil of the Duchess of Cambridge. The design was an oval drop veil, created in a wide width veil. It was worn over the Queen Mary’s diamond bandeau tiara loaned to Meghan by the Queen. Her oval veil covered her face and the edging design included floral detail representing all 53 countries of the Commonwealth. The bride suggested the design because the Commonwealth will be a central part of her and Prince Harry’s official work after they are married.

The designer spent significant time researching the flora of each country and much care was taken to ensure that every flower was unique.Ms Markle also chose her two other favourite flowers – Wintersweet found in Kensington Palace and the California poppy, from where she was born – to be adorned on the veil.

The material

Dressmakers spent hundreds of hours – including regularly washing their hands every 30 minutes – to make the long veil, which is hand-embroidered in silk threads and organza. We would love to know just how may hours the veil took to create. Our longest veil creation at Visionary Veils for our real bride Mairead, took 90 hours and the length was 3.65 metres.

Mairead, June 2017, Northern Ireland


Visionary Veils, Your wedding Veil, Your Way.
In our purpose built studio, we create wedding veils which are hand cut, hand sewn and made to measure. It is Rebekah’s  aim to offer a friendly and informative experience where we create together a unique wedding veil that complements both our client’s personality and wedding dress.

Over the last number of years Visionary Veils has created many veils in both firm and soft silk tulle. The oval drop veil has always been popular with our clients. It is best worn with a Tiara or Headpiece that lifts the front blusher section of the oval veil off the face. It will be interesting to see if Meghan’s choice of a pure white wedding dress will become an influential colour trend over the 2019 wedding season. White is a wonderful choice and really works well with dark hair. The oval veil can be worn cut edge or with an elaborate edging design.

Visionary Veils Oval Real Bride Designs

Maren, Ivory Oval Drop Veil, Firm Ivory Silk, UK.

Carolina , White Oval Drop Veil, Visionary Veils

Eleanor, May 2013, UK, Ivory Soft silk, Oval Drop Veil.

Claire, UK, 2014. Ivory Soft Silk Oval Drop Veil.

Avril, 2010, Ireland, White Silk, Oval Drop Veil.

Sarah, August 2012, Ivory Firm Silk, Oval Drop Veil , UK


The Royal Wedding 2018

The Royal Wedding 2018

Visionary Veils are so excited to see what the beautiful Meghan Markle will wear for her wedding ensemble tomorrow. Will she wear a veil and if so what will it be like…… Long, short, silk, lace…..Our designer Rebekah has enjoyed looking back over the recent royal weddings.

All eyes will turn tomorrow to the Royal Wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at the beautiful St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle. At Visionary Veils we looked back at the recent wedding trends of the weddings of Zara, Autumn and Kate. It was  Kate Middleton who influenced bridal trends in both wedding dresses and veils. An oval drop veil created in silk and lace soared in popularity. What will Meghan wear at tomorrow’s wedding ….. We just can’t wait to see! But most of all we wish Meghan and Prince Harry a life of happiness as they begin their journey as Man and Wife.
Visionary Veils, Your wedding Veil, Your Way.
In our purpose built studio we invite our Brides to make an appointment. Here we save you time by guiding you through your veil options. Each piece created is hand cut, hand sewn and made to measure. It is my aim to offer a friendly and informative experience where we create together a unique wedding veil that complements both our client’s personality and wedding dress.

What our Clients Say about our Service

“The Bespoke one on one service was brilliant and the options were endless in my view which is a real benefit considering the different types of cuts, finishes and styles of dresses available. I thought the service and attention to detail that Rebekah paid was second to none” Catriona, Married in 2017

“Having my veil custom made meant that it would match my dress perfectly and I felt more emotionally invested in it because we designed it together. Rebekah’s appointments were my favourite. Her studio is so bright and spacious and I never felt like she was in a rush” Deirdre, Married in May 2018.

Comments from a recent Survey Monkey Poll, May 2018 of Previous Clients.


Each appointment lasts 1.5 hours which gives us plenty of time to work together. In our relaxed atmosphere our clients try on our range of sample veils and explore shapes, styles and fabrics. We will also look at possible detail and embellishments to be added to the veil.  Following the appointment a quotation is provided.

Rebekah creates wedding veils for clients all over the world.  If you are living in the UK or further afield,  Rebekah will provide a personal service to you via phone, email and Skype.  Fabric samples will also be posted.

From the simple to the elaborate we will create the veil of your dreams. Contact Rebekah to organise an appointment and start the journey to the veil of your dreams.

Visionary Veils Veil Real Bride Designs worthy of any Royal Princess 


Visionary Veils Sample Sale

Visionary Veils

The Visionary Veils sample sale has arrived! We have a number of wedding veils that were created for our show room and for our bridal boutique stockists, now available for purchase. Just click on the image below to view the Visionary Veils Sample Sale PDF.

All of our veils samples are in great condition.

If you would like to purchase a veil then call or email to place an order and we will send an invoice including the delivery costs. You can also make an appointment to come and view the samples. Just add sample sale to the subject of your email. Enjoy x

Visionary Veils, favourite Real Bride pictures from 2014

Visionary Veils, Favourite Real Bride pictures from 2014

We love receiving photographs from our clients and here are a few of our favourite arty shoots! You can share all our real brides photos on

Rebekah, Northern Ireland 2014

Rebekah, Northern Ireland 2014

Michelle, Limerick, 2014

Michelle, Limerick, 2014

Grainne, Northern Ireland, 2014

Grainne, Northern Ireland, 2014

Emma, Northern Ireland, 2014

Emma, Northern Ireland, 2014

Claire, UK, 2014

Claire, UK, 2014

Rosalind, Northern Ireland, 2014

Rosalind, Northern Ireland, 2014