Veil Lengths

All our Veils are made to measure and tailored to your dress design and frame. Standard veils designs are described as;

• Cage Veils
• Elbow length Veils 121cm/48″
• Finger tip length Veils 137cm/54 ”
• Floor length Veils 200cm
• Chapel length Veils 250 cm
• Cathedral length Veils 300 cm 
This diagram illustrates the various lengths

Deciding the length of your wedding veil

If you would like to get an idea of what length suits your frame simply measure from the point on your head where you think you would like to wear your wedding veil and measure down. This will give you an idea you would like your wedding veil to stop. As we make our bespoke veil range to measure, we can create the veil length that best suits your frame and dress.

Total Wedding Veil length

This will be the length you would like the back of your wedding veil to be plus the blusher length.