Firm Silk Tulle Colour Range

Firm Silk Tulle is a fine silk with a stiff finish (formed of 84% silk and 16% polyamide). We have two ranges of firm silk tulle available.  It is available in 6 colours and has a maximum width of 180cm and a weight of 20 grams.

Our second range is Pure Silk True Silk bobbinet, finest and lightest non-stretch quality.  It is available in 4 colours: white, pale ivory, medium ivory and black.  The maximum width is 280cm.

Firm silk tulle can have a wider lace edging added to the veil as it can support the weight of a heavier weave.  It is also possible to have a beaded details on a firm silk tulle veil.

Helpful Hints – if you are considering a veil created in the wider width of firm silk tulle the price is approximately double the cost of the narrow width of silk.