Why Should I Consider a Veil?

06 Dec 2013 article first appeared on www.hitched.ie by Visionary Veils Designer Rebekah McCann-Williams

by Rebekah@VisionaryVeils

I love the fact that brides have such a range of wedding dresses to consider. With such a choice of styles and designs it means that a Bride can wear a wedding dress that is truly reflective of her own personal style.

Once you have chosen your dress then there is the business of selecting your wedding accessories… There has been a huge increase in the range of headwear accessories on the market. There are now headbands, circlets, floral garlands, side combs and of course the traditional wedding veil.

Some brides to be choose a wedding veil to embrace one of the longest standing bridal traditions. The tradition of wearing a wedding veil has been evolving since Greek and Roman brides were dressed in brightly coloured veils to ward off evil spirits.

The nature of the coloured veil meant that the father of the bride needed to lead his daughter to the altar thus beginning the tradition of giving the bride away.

The veil next evolved into a sign of modesty and chastity and since the white wedding gown represented virginity so did the white wedding veil.

It seems that many brides fear that by wearing a wedding veil they would be choosing the type of veil worn in the 1980s.  Loads of layers, loads of tulle with the bride hidden below a mass of material.

In recent years the wedding veil has returned to popularity. The beautiful silk tulle wedding veil worn by Kate Middleton definitely inspired brides the world over. In the New York bridal catwalk shows of 2011 wedding veils made a welcome return to the catwalk with many designers featuring veils.

Image Credit List: Danielle Visionary Veils Real Bride, Rachel wearing her soft silk tulle and lace veil photo courtesy of Des Rowan, Visionary Veils Flavia headband veil, Visionary Veils Clarissa Vintage Cap Veils, Kate side birdcage veil, Bella Headpiece created by Donna Crain, silk mantilla veil Visionary Veils

As the designer of all our wedding veils I create pieces that are reflective of the modern bridal trends.  Our veils are created in a range of fabrics with soft silk tulle being our most popular veil. Our silk veils are soft, luxurious and drape gently – in fact our brides often remark that they hardly know it’s there. For many brides the wedding veil completes their attire and turns a beautiful gown into a wedding dress. They then truly feel like a bride.

Visionary Veils has a range of contemporary veils that will work with the current wedding dress trends including vintage cap veils, side veils, headband veils and circlet veils. As a designer I wanted to offer brides the option of wearing both a headpiece and a wedding veil that would complement each other in shape and design.

If you feel that the wedding veil is not the right bridal accessory for you then the birdcage veil is still very popular. Our experience is that brides like a hint of the birdcage veil but don’t like it to cover their whole face. Our most popular birdcage shape veil would be the Kate Side Birdcage.

Another accessory option is to have a hat created for you or to wear a jewelled or pearl headpiece.

My favourite wedding movie quote has to be by Carrie Bradshaw in the blockbuster movie Sex in the City. Carrie is trying to come to terms with Mr. big leaving her at the altar.

“I put a bird on my head and he couldn’t get out of the car”.

I wouldn’t recommend a bird but a few feathers can be very dramatic!

Whatever you decide make sure you feel comfortable and your accessories represent you own personal style and tastes. There is no right or wrong only how you feel.

Happy Wedding Planning.

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