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The Visionary Veils sample sale has arrived! We have a number of wedding veils that were created for our show room and for our bridal boutique stockists, now available for purchase. Just click on the image below to view the Visionary Veils Sample Sale PDF.

All of our veils samples are in great condition.

If you would like to purchase a veil then call or email to place an order and we will send an invoice including the delivery costs. You can also make an appointment to come and view the samples. Just add sample sale to the subject of your email. Enjoy x

Visionary Veils, favourite Real Bride pictures from 2014

Visionary Veils, Favourite Real Bride pictures from 2014

We love receiving photographs from our clients and here are a few of our favourite arty shoots! You can share all our real brides photos on

Rebekah, Northern Ireland 2014

Rebekah, Northern Ireland 2014

Michelle, Limerick, 2014

Michelle, Limerick, 2014

Grainne, Northern Ireland, 2014

Grainne, Northern Ireland, 2014

Emma, Northern Ireland, 2014

Emma, Northern Ireland, 2014

Claire, UK, 2014

Claire, UK, 2014

Rosalind, Northern Ireland, 2014

Rosalind, Northern Ireland, 2014

Silk Tulle Wedding Veils with Visionary Veils,2014


Jun // 13


Following on from the stunning engagement shoot just featured, this Erich McVey wedding of Adele & David’s took place in Hawkes Bay. The images are pure perfection, and Adele’s Rue de Seine gown is beautiful. Thanks so much to Majka Kaiser for the write up!

When Adele and David locked eyes across the church pews, this devoutly religious couple immediately knew they wanted to get to know each other better. Both serious about finding a lifelong partner with marriage the ultimate goal, the Auckland-based Korean couple sought spiritual guidance to ensure they not only had the chemistry, but shared life goals and views to last the distance. Following a six month courtship, with their confidence in their mutual philosophies on religion and a shared future solidified, the pair wasted no time in getting married. So eager were they to tie the knot, they decided on an intimate registry affair and spent the next year planning the wedding of their dreams. “We were in love. We knew that we were right for each other and didn’t want to waste another moment apart.


As an event planner, Adele had a clear vision of what she wanted and how to bring all her ideas together. “I started by creating idea boards for each element of my wedding, e.g., the wedding table, the cake, reception décor, hair, make-up, flowers, and dress, etc. Then from these idea boards I contacted vendors and visited different locations. I love organising events but it was so much more fun organising my own! I have a keen eye for detail and aspire to perfection. My make-up artist said she’d finally met someone who makes her obsessive compulsive-like attention to detail look normal!” Adele laughs, but agrees that this focus on perfection is a helpful trait when it comes to planning events.


The tiniest details, from the typography on the invitations – which were designed by Adele and realised by a graphic designer – to the handcrafted clay ornaments, which served as place settings for their guests, added the deeply personal touch that ultimately makes each wedding as unique as the couple themselves. All of Adele’s meticulous planning and attention to these finer details were expertly captured by Erich McVey. A huge admirer of his work, who subsequently forged an instant affection for him and his “adorable wife”, Adele knew he was just the photographer to capture her “soft and dreamy” fairy tale wedding aesthetic.

When all is said and done though, it is the people at the centre of this special celebration of two families coming together, who are the ones to make a lasting imprint on the memory. “Holding David’s hands at the altar… my voice trembling, reading our vows, only David understanding my whispered words, seemed to make it even more special. In that moment there was just him and I.


The enormity of the occasion only really sunk in when my sister sang our wedding song during the reception. It felt so surreal at the time, but only then was I able to really breathe and take it all in. Many of our guests cried happy tears … and other people in the restaurant all stopped and started clapping. It was magic! That, and the time spent with our guests – some who flew many hours – to celebrate with us, is what I will remember and cherish most from our special day.

Photography ERICH MCVEY / Cake NIC & NIC CAKES / Florals LUSHKA / Stationery ADELE PARK EVENTS / Venue BLACK BARN / Bride’s Gown RUE DE SEINE / Bracelet KIEL JAMES PATRICK / Hair ABBY SCHOFIELD / Make-up SUZANNE HARDY MAKEUP / Stylist & Planner ADELE PARK EVENTS / Veil VISIONARY VEILS / Engagement Dress VISI / Film ProcessingPHOTOVISION

Quirky Weddings, Alternative Wedding Fair,2nd February 2014

Quirky Weddings, Alternative Wedding  Fair

Quirky Weddings, Alternative Wedding Fair, Waterfront Hall, 2nd February 2014,12 – 5 p.m.


Visionary Veil are delighted to be exhibiting this Sunday at the Quirky Wedding Fair. The Venue is the Waterfront Hall Belfast, 12 – 5 p.m. and the entrance price is £6.00.

So what do real brides say about the Quirky Wedding Experience? We asked one of our

competition winner ‘s, Dawn, for her thoughts on why Quirky Weddings, Alternative Wedding Fair is so special.

Black Silk Tulle Veil, Dawn 1

Dawn loved The Quirky Wedding Fair which is a really refreshing wedding fair based in Northern Ireland. Visionary Veils exhibit at The Quirky Wedding Fairs and we know that Quirky Weddings want every bride and groom to have the wedding they want no matter what their personal taste might be.
 ” I would like to say thanks to The Quirky Wedding Fair as our wedding was really the way we wanted it! if there is a fair worth visiting then that’s the one.  At Quirky Wedding you are not just  sheep in the cattle market,  that can be the wedding business,  but a Bride looking to stamp her own identity” Dawn
Quirky Wedding FairOur Veils at The Quirky Wedding Fair , February 2013
Sky Cap Wedding Veil

Sky Cap Wedding Veil

Lily Pink Silk Headband Wedding Veil

We hope to see you all there 🙂



Advice for Planning your wedding without a Hitch, Visionary Veils, Northern Ireland

Advice for Planning your wedding without a Hitch, Visionary Veils, Northern Ireland

Rebekah was delighted to contributed to the latest wedding planning advice on, 1st January 2014.

Planning a wedding can leave you with lots of questions. We’ve rounded up some industry experts to answer several wedding planning FAQs to make sure you have the best advice available on hand as you plan your special day.

Wedding FAQs

Disaster has struck! My venue/supplier has double booked us and pulled out. What can we do?

Whenever you hand over your hard-earned money to a supplier or venue, make sure there’s a contract and that you get and keep a receipt. Always read the small print, and be very wary of those who don’t offer a contract.

If someone pulls out, it’s important to replace them with as little stress as possible. As a wedding planner, I have a ‘little black book’ of contacts that I can fall back on to help. If you don’t have a wedding planner, get your bridal party hunting for a replacement pronto.

Judy Mullins

If a venue has double booked, use it to your advantage. If you have to rearrange your date, tell them nicely but firmly you expect a reduction in price for the inconvenience!

— Judy Mullins – wedding planner
I Do Weddings

My/my fiancé’s parents are taking over the wedding planning! How can we regain control?

It will be hard, but you must express your concerns. It will really help to make things crystal clear if you and your fiancé can take time to chat about your dreams and what you both want from your wedding day — not what others want!

After chatting with your partner you will be stronger as a unit and in a greater position to meet with the parents. You will need to speak with them about your vision and what you both really envisage, have an honest chat as sometimes these issues can arise when communication has broken down, resulting in assumptions of what you want.

Olivia Buckley

I believe once they understand both your wishes, they will be more conscious to your wedding aspirations — after all, your wedding day is an expression of your love for each other and it is so important that both your personalities are allowed shine throughout the day.

— Olivia Buckley – wedding and events planner
Olivia Buckley Weddings and Events

Do I need wedding insurance? Why?

Your wedding day is likely to be one of the most important and special days of your life. When you consider the amount of money, time and stress you put into arranging your wedding it would be crazy not to protect it against unforeseen circumstances that could potentially ruin your big day.

Wedding insurance policies can be relatively inexpensive and will give you the peace of mind you will need leading up to your wedding day. You should consider what the policy will cover. Like any insurance policy you can decide what you want to insure. Most wedding insurance plans will cover a range of circumstances from weather, to something happening to your dress, injury, illness, or if your venue goes out of business leading up to your wedding. All policies have exclusions and cover limits, so check your policy carefully.

Wedding insurance also covers you for unforeseen circumstances on the day. If one of your wedding suppliers is unwell and cannot turn up, or the venue gets flooded — which has happened a few times over the last few years — you will get cover against cancellation and rearrangement of your wedding.

Monica Blain

Most insurance companies won’t be able to provide you with a new venue, but they will give you compensation so you can rearrange your venue and suppliers and cover you for work already done in the lead up to the wedding. They also provide cover for deposits that may have been paid to wedding suppliers.

— Monica Blain – wedding planner
The Wedding Consultant

What if we don’t want the traditional wedding? How can we make our day more ‘us’?

A wedding is a hugely personal experience made all the more special when a couple really think about what it means to them. Instead of leaving all of the traditions out of your wedding day, why not give them your own personal twist?

Perhaps, flowers aren’t your thing and you would prefer to carry a ‘bouquet’ of something else down the aisle that represents what you want for the future. The cutting of the cake is another big tradition at weddings. The necessity of having one significant gourmet delight to share with your guests has become less important over time. Think of what else you can both do as your first official task together as a married couple…

A top table is another staple tradition at weddings. Instead of the traditional long top table why not consider a variation of shapes that would work within the room, or indeed have your ‘top table’ positioned in the centre of the room. Some couples chose to have a top table of just the two of them placed significantly within the room.

Bláithín O’ Reilly Murphy

The easiest way to personalise your wedding is to really think about who you are as a couple and to remove or change the aspects of a wedding day that don’t fit with that. Think about what makes you ‘you’ and work that into your wedding day.

— Bláithín O’ Reilly Murphy – wedding planner
The Wedding Expert

How can I make sure everyone is happy with my hen party?

Forward planning is the golden rule to ensuring your hen weekend is a roaring success! Appoint a bridesmaid or friend that has good organisational skills and not afraid to take the lead! Ensure associated costs and chosen hen weekend activities, location, nightlife etc. is suited to the mass and not just one or two within the hen group.

If you have family members of a much older generation it may be best to have two separate parties; planning one night to suit lots of different people is a lot harder than organising two nights to suit two groups of likeminded people.

The location of your hen party will ultimately depend on everyone’s budget and availability. It is important to remember that a hen party is a celebration. Do what you feel suits yourself and your fellow hens best.

Jonathan Gallagher

There has never been a better time to have a hen party in Ireland! With the wealth of hen weekend locations, luxury hotels, destination spas, varied nightlife and top class activities to suit everyone.

— Jonathan Gallagher
co-founder –

Can I break tradition and wear something more unique on my wedding day?

The most important thing to remember when choosing your wedding wear is that you want to feel comfortable. As a bride you should never feel you must choose a certain style just because it is what you think you should wear!

On your wedding day you want to feel at your best and confident and that should be representative of your taste and personality. At Visionary Veils we have had a number of clients who have worn coloured wedding dresses or incorporated colour into their wedding wear. I would advise that you keep an open mind when visiting bridal stores and designers.

If you are considering something a little different then perhaps think of your favourite outfit and ask yourself what it is about the outfit that you love. Is it the style, the colour, or the way the shape and cut makes you feel or is it that the outfit is totally individual and speaks of your true personality? Remember this when you begin looking at wedding attire.

Rebekah McCann-Williams

If you want something really unique then there are many great Irish designers who will be happy to bring your vision to a reality just because you don’t see what you imagined in the shop does not mean it cannot be done!

— Rebekah McCann-Williams
owner/designer – Visionary Veils


Different Types of Wedding Veils

Different Types of Wedding Veils – Part One

First published on 13 Dec 2013 by visionary Veils designer Rebekah McCann-Williams

So you have your wedding dress and you are considering a wedding veil but where do you start?

Which style should you choose and what will suit your wedding dress? Here are some helpful hints from Visionary Veils to help you start the decision process!

Which veil should you choose?

With an increase in art deco inspired beading panels, highly embellished panels and open back detail, the sheer oval wedding veil is the perfect design and shape. The veil has no gathering in the fabric so the gown detail will not be obscured by the width or volume of the veil. The oval veil can be worn flat on the head as a mantilla or further back over a bun or chignon. Firm silk tulle or nylon tulle will create the sheerest finish although the soft silk tulle is very delicate and drapes beautifully.  The length of the veil can be should not be shorter than your hips and can extend to your desired length.

Mary, August 2013, photo courtesy of Sean Gannon

When beginning a veil consultation I will often ask our clients a few simple questions to get the process started:

Would like to wear your wedding veil over your face?

This answer has an immediate impact on the style of veil. If the answer is yes the veil is worn over the face until the bride reaches the top of the aisle.

It is always helpful to try on a wedding veil with a blusher worn over the face to see how you feel with when your face is covered.

The Front Blusher

The front blusher, which is the section worn over the face can be created as part of the oval veil shape with the edging around the outer edges of the veil.

Lisa, August 2011, photo courtesy of Rebecca Roundhill

We can also create the blusher as a separate blusher section sewn unto the one layer veil length.

Nanzine, August 2012, photo courtesy of bride

What does this style offer?

You can have the front blusher without an edging and it can also be made detachable. Some of our clients have detached the blusher layer from the longer veil length and worn the blusher for the rest of the day. A great way to keep your wedding veil on all day!

Nanzine, August 2012, photo courtesy of bride

You may decide that you might like to have a front blusher section and never wear the veil over the face but simply have the two layers to add volume to the veil.

This can be helpful if wearing a slim fit dress – adding the extra layer to a veil that ends at the waist area creates curves and shape, which can enhance a boyish figure.

One Layer Wedding Veils

If you do not want to wear the wedding veil over your face then you can consider a one layer centre gathered wedding veil or side wedding cap veil.

Should I choose a Long or Short Wedding Veil?

A long wedding veil will elongate your silhouette and can be worn by both petite and tall brides. The cathedral veil of 300cm can be too long for many clients so always consider your own frame and height when selecting the length.

At Visionary Veils all our wedding veils are made to measure so we can tailor the length to the individual client. A bride of petite height may only need to wear a Chapel length of 250cm to create the same effect as the traditional Cathedral length.

Short Wedding Veils

Short wedding veils can look great with a number of wedding dress style. The fun-loving short one layer bubble veil or a retro shoulder length veil both compliment the 1950s-1960s style tea length wedding gowns.

Ciara, May 2012, photo courtesy of Helen Sloan

An In-Between Length

At Visionary Veils the fingertip wedding veil of 70 inches is one of our most popular veils with the front blusher worn over the face. It is the perfect length; not too short and not too long. The finished length of the veil will drape into the line of your wedding gown and finish around the hip area.

Catherine, July 2012, photo courtesy of Zaretti Photography

Next week we’ll continue exploring the different kinds of wedding veil, looking at volume, fabrics and detailing!


Why Should I Consider a Veil? Visionary Veils, UK,

Why Should I Consider a Veil?

06 Dec 2013 article first appeared on by Visionary Veils Designer Rebekah McCann-Williams

by Rebekah@VisionaryVeils

I love the fact that brides have such a range of wedding dresses to consider. With such a choice of styles and designs it means that a Bride can wear a wedding dress that is truly reflective of her own personal style.

Once you have chosen your dress then there is the business of selecting your wedding accessories… There has been a huge increase in the range of headwear accessories on the market. There are now headbands, circlets, floral garlands, side combs and of course the traditional wedding veil.

Some brides to be choose a wedding veil to embrace one of the longest standing bridal traditions. The tradition of wearing a wedding veil has been evolving since Greek and Roman brides were dressed in brightly coloured veils to ward off evil spirits.

The nature of the coloured veil meant that the father of the bride needed to lead his daughter to the altar thus beginning the tradition of giving the bride away.

The veil next evolved into a sign of modesty and chastity and since the white wedding gown represented virginity so did the white wedding veil.

It seems that many brides fear that by wearing a wedding veil they would be choosing the type of veil worn in the 1980s.  Loads of layers, loads of tulle with the bride hidden below a mass of material.

In recent years the wedding veil has returned to popularity. The beautiful silk tulle wedding veil worn by Kate Middleton definitely inspired brides the world over. In the New York bridal catwalk shows of 2011 wedding veils made a welcome return to the catwalk with many designers featuring veils.

Image Credit List: Danielle Visionary Veils Real Bride, Rachel wearing her soft silk tulle and lace veil photo courtesy of Des Rowan, Visionary Veils Flavia headband veil, Visionary Veils Clarissa Vintage Cap Veils, Kate side birdcage veil, Bella Headpiece created by Donna Crain, silk mantilla veil Visionary Veils

As the designer of all our wedding veils I create pieces that are reflective of the modern bridal trends.  Our veils are created in a range of fabrics with soft silk tulle being our most popular veil. Our silk veils are soft, luxurious and drape gently – in fact our brides often remark that they hardly know it’s there. For many brides the wedding veil completes their attire and turns a beautiful gown into a wedding dress. They then truly feel like a bride.

Visionary Veils has a range of contemporary veils that will work with the current wedding dress trends including vintage cap veils, side veils, headband veils and circlet veils. As a designer I wanted to offer brides the option of wearing both a headpiece and a wedding veil that would complement each other in shape and design.

If you feel that the wedding veil is not the right bridal accessory for you then the birdcage veil is still very popular. Our experience is that brides like a hint of the birdcage veil but don’t like it to cover their whole face. Our most popular birdcage shape veil would be the Kate Side Birdcage.

Another accessory option is to have a hat created for you or to wear a jewelled or pearl headpiece.

My favourite wedding movie quote has to be by Carrie Bradshaw in the blockbuster movie Sex in the City. Carrie is trying to come to terms with Mr. big leaving her at the altar.

“I put a bird on my head and he couldn’t get out of the car”.

I wouldn’t recommend a bird but a few feathers can be very dramatic!

Whatever you decide make sure you feel comfortable and your accessories represent you own personal style and tastes. There is no right or wrong only how you feel.

Happy Wedding Planning.

Regional Winner of The 2014 Wedding Industry Awards

Stockist Love Bridal Regional Winner of The 2014 Wedding Industry Awards

Huge Congratulations to our stockist Love Bridal, Manchester who are the Regional Winners of The 2014 Wedding Industry Awards. We are so pleased for Emma Draper who owns the beautiful bridal boutique in Altrincham, Greater Manchester.

Regional Winner Bridal Awards

I have had the pleasure of visiting Emma in her beautiful boutique where she stocks a wide range of wedding dress designers including Terry Fox, Stuart Parvin, Raimon Bundo, Mia Mia and Heritgate by Balbier/Wyatt and of course bespoke wedding veils by Visionary Veils.

Love Bridal Store

If you are looking for a beautiful wedding dress then you should look no further than Love Bridal where you will receive a warm and friendly reception as you search for your perfect wedding dress

love Bridal

For an appointment contact Emma at Love Bridal Boutique

7 Oxford Road

WA14 2DY

By Appointment only ,Telephone  0161 941 6446


Visionary Veils Designer Wedding Veils Day, Lilac Rose, Limerick, Ireland

Visionary Veils Designer Wedding Veils Day, Lilac Rose, Limerick, Ireland

Visionary veils Designer Wedding Veils Day, Lilac Rose, Limerick, Ireland

Visionary Veils Logo

Struggling to find your perfect wedding veil…. Not sure what style or length to chose then why not let the experts help.

Guinevre Pearl headband Veil

Guinevre Pearl headband Veil

Visionary Veils are Ireland only bespoke wedding veil design service  so why not make an appointment to find your perfect wedding veil. Visionary Veils are super excited to visit our Limerick stockist Lilac Rose on Sunday the 3rd of November 2013. This is a perfect opportunity to try on different wedding veil lengths and styles of wedding veil and discuss your wedding veil ideas.

Lilac Rose logo

Visionary Veils owner and designer, Rebekah, will be offering individual appointments to help our Limerick brides to be with their veil decisions. Visionary Veils will bring their full wedding veil range and their extensive lace and edging ranges for potential clients to see. Saving you a journey to Belfast!

Kate Middleton Veil

Kate Middleton Veil

This is a perfect opportunity to try on different lengths and styles to see what type of  wedding veil will complement your wedding gown. After your appointment you will receive a wedding veil quotation. We would recommend that you have already chosen your wedding gown before booking an appointment as Visionary Veils design a wedding veil that will complement the style, detail and shape of your chosen wedding gown.

Lilac Rose, Limerick

Lilac Rose, Limerick

Helpful hints –  Have a look through our website wedding veil categories to see if there is a particular veil that you might like to consider. If you have a swatch of your wedding dress fabric it would be helpful to bring this with you to your appointment.

Natasha, June 2013,Photography Epic Love Photography

Natasha, June 2013,Photography Epic Love Photography

To make an appointment please contact Donna at Lilac Rose Bridal boutique  please call 087 687 3651 or email

Catherine, Belfast 2013 photography Paula O'Hara

Catherine, Belfast 2013 photography Paula O’Hara

The Spectacular Vintage Wedding Fair, Dublin September 2013

The Spectacular Vintage Wedding Fair, Dublin 2013, Visionary Veils 

Saturday 21st  and Sunday 22nd September , Dublin

VIsit us at the Spectacular Vintage Wedding Fair, 21st – 22nd September, Davenport Hotel, Dublin.

VINTAGE FAIR POSTER AUG 2013Visionary Veils had an absolute ball when we exhibited at the last Spectacular Vintage wedding fair in March 2013. Over the two days we spoke to over 400 Brides to Be.

We have already created veils and birdcage veils for the brides that we met at the last wedding fair and look forward to featuring their weddings on our Brides Gallery in the coming months.

As well as dozens of other vintage and alternative style vendors there will be a very vintage tea party, fashion show, live music and DIY demo’s as well as ‘The Man Crèche’ for reluctant grooms. Check out for further details.



Recent Real Brides

Avril, Donegal 2013, Photography Donal Doherty

Avril, Donegal 2013, Photography Donal Doherty


Catherine, Belfast 2013 photography Paula O'Hara

Catherine, Belfast 2013 photography Paula O’Hara

Natasha, June 2013,Photography Epic Love Photography

Natasha, June 2013,Photography Epic Love Photography