Visionary Veils shares some helpful tips on getting the perfect veil for you

Rachel, August 2011, NI photographed by Bradley Quinn

So you have your wedding dress and you’re considering a veil but you don’t know where to start or which style you should choose based on your wedding dress? We’ve got you covered!

Visionary Veils share their expert advice and helpful hints to help you start the decision process and answer all your veil related questions. Before you start searching for your perfect veil, it is important to consider your vision for your big day and how you imagine your bridal look to be. First of all it’s important to ask:

Would you like to wear your wedding veil over your face?

This answer has an immediate impact on the style of veil you should go for. If the answer is yes, the veil is worn over the face until the bride reaches the top of the aisle. It is always helpful to try on a wedding veil with a blusher (the section that can be worn over the face or that forms part of the oval shape of the veil), to see how you feel when your face is covered. Rebekah at Visionary Veils says “You can have a front blusher with or without an edging and it can also be made detachable. Some of our clients have detached the blusher layer from the longer veil and worn the blusher for the rest of the day. A great way to keep a veil on all day!” To read the full article click here

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