The Royal Wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, 19th May 2018.

The sun shone on Windsor today and on the beautiful bride and groom Prince Harry and Ms Meghan Markle. What an amazing day for this wonderful couple as they begin their married life together. The whole world waited with baited breathe to see the wedding dress and what a stunning pure white , boat neck gown it was. Designed by British designer, Clare Waight Keller, the artistic director of French fashion house Givenchy.

The veil

Visionary Veils we were bursting with excitement to see if Meghan would wear a wedding veil and we were overjoyed to see that she did. And what a Veil!  Ms Markle wore a five metre-long white firm silk veil. Her firm silk veil was a different composition to the soft silk wedding veil of the Duchess of Cambridge. The design was an oval drop veil, created in a wide width veil. It was worn over the Queen Mary’s diamond bandeau tiara loaned to Meghan by the Queen. Her oval veil covered her face and the edging design included floral detail representing all 53 countries of the Commonwealth. The bride suggested the design because the Commonwealth will be a central part of her and Prince Harry’s official work after they are married.

The designer spent significant time researching the flora of each country and much care was taken to ensure that every flower was unique.Ms Markle also chose her two other favourite flowers – Wintersweet found in Kensington Palace and the California poppy, from where she was born – to be adorned on the veil.

The material

Dressmakers spent hundreds of hours – including regularly washing their hands every 30 minutes – to make the long veil, which is hand-embroidered in silk threads and organza. We would love to know just how may hours the veil took to create. Our longest veil creation at Visionary Veils for our real bride Mairead, took 90 hours and the length was 3.65 metres.

Mairead, June 2017, Northern Ireland


Visionary Veils, Your wedding Veil, Your Way.
In our purpose built studio, we create wedding veils which are hand cut, hand sewn and made to measure. It is Rebekah’s  aim to offer a friendly and informative experience where we create together a unique wedding veil that complements both our client’s personality and wedding dress.

Over the last number of years Visionary Veils has created many veils in both firm and soft silk tulle. The oval drop veil has always been popular with our clients. It is best worn with a Tiara or Headpiece that lifts the front blusher section of the oval veil off the face. It will be interesting to see if Meghan’s choice of a pure white wedding dress will become an influential colour trend over the 2019 wedding season. White is a wonderful choice and really works well with dark hair. The oval veil can be worn cut edge or with an elaborate edging design.

Visionary Veils Oval Real Bride Designs

Maren, Ivory Oval Drop Veil, Firm Ivory Silk, UK.

Carolina , White Oval Drop Veil, Visionary Veils

Eleanor, May 2013, UK, Ivory Soft silk, Oval Drop Veil.

Claire, UK, 2014. Ivory Soft Silk Oval Drop Veil.

Avril, 2010, Ireland, White Silk, Oval Drop Veil.

Sarah, August 2012, Ivory Firm Silk, Oval Drop Veil , UK


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